1. What do I bring to my first appointment?
a. BC Care Card (or Personal Health Number if you do not have a BC Care Card) and doctor’s referral if you have an ICBC / WCB claim. If your injury is not related to ICBC/WCB, you do NOT need a doctor’s referral. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can move freely.

2. How much do my sessions cost at Optimal Recovery Physiotherapy in Surrey?
a. Private claims are $50.00 per session Approved ICBC claims are $20.00 per session (See ICBC & WCB Claims) Approved WCB claims do not cost anything (See ICBC & WCB Claims) If you are covered by MSP, your sessions are $10.00 each

3. Am I covered by MSP (Medical Services Plan)?
a. MSP coverage is based on income; if you have low income or have Premium Assistance, you may be covered. Please call our office to confirm coverage. We will need your CareCard number and date of birth.

4. Does my extended health insurance cover physiotherapy?
a. Most benefit packages cover physiotherapy, but it is a good idea to confirm with your insurance provider. If you have coverage, you will pay the full amount and then submit our receipt to your insurance provider to get reimbursed.

5. How long is each session?
a. Physiotherapy sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour. If it is your first session, please come 10 minutes early to complete a form prior to your assessment.

6. What happens during a physiotherapy session?

a. A physiotherapy session usually includes a combination of manual therapy (specialized mobilization techniques done by the physiotherapist, massage), using heat or cold on the injured area, therapeutic modalities (ultrasound, interferential current, mechanical traction, muscular stimulation, laser) and stretching/exercise. Due to the nature of physiotherapy, especially in areas that are weak and instable, you may be a little sore the day after. This is completely normal.