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Is it better to move with arthritis?


When it comes to managing arthritis, movement might not be the first remedy that springs to mind. However, living an active life involves more than just being on the go—it's pivotal in the context of arthritis management. For those attempting to find arthritis pain relief, discovering the balance between rest and activity can dramatically ease [...]

Is it better to move with arthritis?2024-03-21T22:26:34+00:00

Does physical therapy get rid of inflammation?


In the journey toward wellness, inflammation often emerges as a familiar but unwelcome companion, manifesting symptoms that can dramatically affect one’s daily life. Hinging on a pivot between hindrance and healing, this biological response, when untamed, calls for a strategic counter: Physical Therapy for Inflammation Relief. The quest for easing discomfort and reclaiming mobility finds [...]

Does physical therapy get rid of inflammation?2024-03-21T22:26:07+00:00

How does stretching help arthritis?


For those aiming to discover Stretching Benefits for Arthritis Relief, it's essential to understand the direct impact it has on managing joint discomfort. Stretching not only addresses joint pain relief through stretching, but it is also a cornerstone for effective arthritis pain management stretches. By improving elasticity and promoting movement, stretching serves as an invaluable [...]

How does stretching help arthritis?2024-03-21T22:25:36+00:00

Can physical therapy help bone on bone arthritis?


When joint pain intrudes on daily life, the quest for arthritis relief through physical therapy becomes more than a necessity—it's a pathway to reclaiming freedom of movement. Despite the grim diagnosis often associated with bone-on-bone arthritis treatment, the application of physical therapy holds promise for those struggling with this degenerative condition. In this detailed exploration, [...]

Can physical therapy help bone on bone arthritis?2024-03-21T22:25:01+00:00

How long does it take to see results from physical therapy?


When embarking on a journey of physical rehabilitation, the question at the forefront of every patient's mind is often related to the Physical Therapy Results Duration. Embarking on a path to recovery warrants an understanding that while physical therapy outcomes can be profoundly beneficial, the therapy progress timeline is unique to each individual. Various factors [...]

How long does it take to see results from physical therapy?2024-03-21T22:24:15+00:00

Is it best to rest or exercise with arthritis?


For those navigating the complexities of arthritis pain management, the dilemma of choosing between rest and exercise can be particularly challenging. Engaging in regular physical activity is a cornerstone of arthritis movement therapy, proven to aid in managing discomfort, improving strength, facilitating smoother mobility, and combating fatigue. Though the prospect of moving with joint pain [...]

Is it best to rest or exercise with arthritis?2024-03-21T22:23:43+00:00

Is physical therapy worth it for arthritis?


When grappling with the chronic discomfort of arthritis, many patients are turning to physical therapy for arthritis as a central element of their treatment strategy. Recognized for its hands-on approach and custom-fitted methodologies, the role of arthritis physical therapy is progressively expanding in the health community. The benefits of physical therapy for arthritis are multifold, [...]

Is physical therapy worth it for arthritis?2024-03-21T22:18:21+00:00

Physiotherapist’s Role in Managing Arthritis


Arthritis, a condition marked by joint inflammation, can significantly diminish one's quality of life through pain and limited mobility. Effective management techniques are essential for those battling this chronic ailment. Among the most trusted strategies is physiotherapy for arthritis, a comprehensive approach that not only alleviates pain but also aims to improve joint function. Through [...]

Physiotherapist’s Role in Managing Arthritis2024-03-11T23:29:52+00:00

What is the best physical therapy for broken ankle?


A broken ankle can be a very painful experience. It may take some time for the ankle to heal properly. Depending on the severity of the fracture, different physical therapy treatments can help speed up the healing process. Some of these treatments include using a brace or splint, elevating and icing the ankle, and exercises [...]

What is the best physical therapy for broken ankle?2022-10-21T16:20:19+00:00

Overuse Injuries In Sports


Expert Health Unit Custom foot orthotics are used to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions including heel pain, knee pain, leg length discrepancies and low back pain. Orthotics can also: Alleviate painful or debilitating conditions of the lower limb Treat orthopedic injuries Accommodate foot deformities Re-align anatomical structures Redistribute external and internal forces [...]

Overuse Injuries In Sports2024-03-12T22:43:43+00:00
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