Shoulder pain is linked with repetitive movements while playing sports. However, those working on a keyboard are also using repetitive movements of the shoulder. If you work in a cubicle, it means you use your shoulder more and hardly move the rest of your body very much. This is a repetitive movement that will gradually pulverize your shoulder into the same pain as the sports enthusiasts. The following are some of the things you could do to relieve yourself of shoulder pain.


Do stretches:

This first Stretch should aim at helping the top of your shoulder, straight where the arm is hooked into the shoulder blade. Make a 90 degree angle with your arm where your fingers are pointing up. Grab your elbow and thrust it up towards the top of your head. Try to get it as far up as possible. Replicate the action on the other side. Shoulder pain is brought about by the tearing of ligaments or cartilage in your shoulder. You need to stretch and strengthen the area in order to enhance healing and relieve the pain.

Apply ice or heat on the area:

Apply ice and heat discontinuously to the sore area. When the pain begins to somewhat reduce start the exercise. Some people only have pain when they use or move their shoulder; however, others are in continuous and severe pain. After using the ice and heat the pain should reduce and that is the best time to start the exercises.


Good posture:

Sit with your best posture on a chair. Shrug your shoulders in the direction of your ears. Roll them towards your back, and then down toward your ribs. Ensure that this is a complete circle at three times. This stretch will help the tendons and muscles that join your joint together. This will also toughen your shoulder muscles, and they will help keep your shoulder joints together and in good working condition.


Extra work outs:

Begin every action, including work, with these stretches. You must boost the power of the muscles that are holding your shoulder. Take two books and place them in each palm flat. Your hand should be flat on each book. Place your hands at your shoulder level. Raise each book into the air till your arm is completely straight. Hold this position for a count of three. Then gradually bring it down. Repeat the same thing with the other hand. As you toughen your shoulder, you can begin to use weights in the exercise.